Magnification: How Many X’s Do You Need?

It’s best to use each patch for only one pass before replacing it with a new solvent soaked patch, but I do sometimes use both sides of the patch at this stage of cleaning. You may want to let the gun soak a few minutes between patches to allow the solvent to work.

If you want to shoot straight, you’d better watch what you stick down your barrel. Here’s how to choose a good cleaning rod. 2. Bronze BrushHaving left the barrel wet with solvent, use a properly fitted bronze brush soaked with solvent to make several passes.

It’s important to keep the brush wet, so reapply solvent after every couple of passes. Don’t dip the brush in the solvent bottle, as this will contaminate the remaining solvent. Instead put some solvent in small container and dip the brush into that. I keep a supply of small Dixie Cups in my shop for this use.

Never reverse the brush while it’s in the bore. Instead, push it all the way out of the muzzle then pull it back through the bore. After using the brush, always remove dirty solvent from it with a degreasing spray. Let it run off the brush and so you flush away the gunk.

This is to prevent abrasive debris from accumulating. Also, some solvents will eat the bronze bristles. 3. Let the Solvent WorkLet the gun sit for a few minutes to allow the solvent to work, and then follow with a couple more wet patches. Wait a few more minutes and run a dry patch through.

4. Dry PatchesNow remove all traces of the first solvent by running dry patches through the bore. Then run some patches soaked with degreaser, such as Outers Crud Cutter, followed by a final dry patch. 5. Strip that CopperWet a patch with an aggressive copper removing solvent, such as Sweet’s 7. 62 or Barnes CR10.

Run it through the bore and let it sit for a few minutes. It’ll take you forever to squeeze off the shot if you have to count over 20 MOA on a scale with no numberings and it’s easy to miss one or forget which line you were using.

Magnification: How Many X’s Do You Need? Firstly, understanding the X’s and the M’s that come along with any magnified scope are a must. Example: 6-25x 60mmThe first numbers are the power of magnification. In our example above, this means targets will appear 6 times larger than normal (eyesight) at the scopes lowest possible settings.

When there are 2 numbers together with a hyphen this means the scope is capable of a range of magnifications. This example shows us the scope is capable of a minimum magnification power of 6x all the way up to a maximum power of 25x. Finally, the last number that is given in millimeters tells us the diameter of the objective lens.

Remember, this will determine how much light will be transferred to your picture but will also result in a much heavier unit with a higher price tag. More magnification usually always sounds like a good thing, but if you’re using your rifle to hit moving targets or perhaps hunting, too much magnification may hinder your ability to acquire targets quickly and plan for incoming obstacles.

Predator Sounds Include Seven Coyote Vocalizations

It includes 50 sounds in all, ranging from rabbit and raccoon to deer, turkey, squirrel, hog, mouse, and owl. Call Selection: Good variety of predator calls. Coyote vocalizations include howls, whines, pups, and challenge barks. Prey sounds include basic cottontail and jackrabbit distress sounds, fawn bawls, and mouse squeaks.

Operating Range: Because there’s no remote, I was unable to assess this category. Effective Range: 720 yardsHits: Easily the loudest of the callers in this group, the Flextone is able to reach across an impressive distance. The unit is easy to point and shoot to broadcast sound, like a directional speaker.

The controls are small, but the backlit LED display is easy to see, even in low light. Misses: The lack of a remote restricts the utility of this caller. The unit’s finish is a little too shiny. While its range of calls is impressive, most states prohibit the use of electronic calling for game animals.

I’d like to see more prey-in-distress sound clips. PRIMOS Dogg Catcher Score: 74 // Price: $90 cabelas. The rifle may be adapted to enhance fine control and accuracy by building it to specific specifications to reduce perceived recoil and barrel motion, making the shooter’s work that much easier.

Long Range Shooting: The AR-15 is easy to outfit as a long-range rifle. For a long-range build, your parts choices will lean toward stability, and reduced motion. Often long-range shooters choose longer barrels with heavier profiles. Long-range shooters will make different choices in optical mounts, optics, and other accessories than their tactical oriented counterparts.

Hunting: The AR-15 makes a fine hunting rifle as it can be adapted for different ranges and weights of bullets that may be considered appropriate for different kinds of game. The ease of customization and variety of options available in aftermarket AR-15 parts makes it a popular choice for many hunters.

Parts and Accessories We OfferThe firearms market is awash with parts for the AR-15 platform. Those of us who would rather have access to a selection of the best parts on the market at prices that let use keep something in our wallets need a great parts supplier to help us out.

Wing Tactical makes it easy to choose great components for the AR-15 because they don’t waste your time and money with anything less than the best manufacturers. When you work with Wing Tactical you won’t have to dig through the slushpile to find something worth trying, we’ve made it easy to skip that step and get on to making your dream build a reality.

Whether you’re looking to start with a stripped upper and build it out one pin at a time, or you’re looking to upgrade worn or less than stellar parts in an existing rifle, Wing has what you need from barrels and buffer tubes to buttstocks and muzzle brakes, we’ve got what you need to give yourself an edge.

Muzzle Devices: Wing Tactical offers muzzle devices for every shooter from the industry’s most innovative manufacturers. If you simply want a flash hider to keep your barrel threads straight and keep your night vision on point, the Primary Weapons Systems Triad Flash Hider might be just what you’re looking for.

Competition shooters looking for enhanced muzzle control and wicked good looks, opt for the JP Enterprises 3-Port Competition Compensator. When you need a muzzle device designed to deliver the goods even in less than optimal operating environments, your choice has got to be the Rex Silentium Q-Type Extreme Duty Muzzle Brake.

If you’re not sure what to order, our customer service staff would be more than happy to help you choose the muzzle device that’s best for your needs, without any painful upselling tactics. Upper Receivers and Parts: The selection of upper receivers and parts for uppers that are available in Wing Tactical’s catalog includes fully machined billet receivers and forged uppers from industry leaders like 2A Armament, Lantac, and Noveske.

Choose a sleek receiver with no forward assist like the CMT Tactical UPUR-2 Billet Upper Receiver or if you like the extra insurance, the Phase 5 Tactical Forged Mil-Spec AR-15 Flat Top Upper Receiver includes a forward assist assembly so it will feel like a familiar old friend.

If you’re looking for replacement and upgrade parts for your upper receiver, Wing Tactical is the place to find what you want. Wing works with a group of great manufacturers to bring you an awesome variety of parts from firing pins, and forward assists to dustcovers and charging handles to complete bolt carrier groups.